Welcome friends. A Jug of White Daisies is about my life and all the thoughts that come to me while I'm walking, doing the dishes, having a shower or hanging washing on the line - some of my regular activities that give me time to think. It's about all the things that make up my life - cooking, cleaning, creating, loving, learning, discovering, rolling my eyes, sighing, smiling, forgiving, making do, making the most of, looking up, gardening, hugging, being. It's about the things that I make for sale, fabulous finds, the wisdom and beauty in the world, and it's about stopping to admire the simple perfection of daisies.

And in amongst all the thinking and writing about that, I'll be doing it all, and more, so if you don't see me for a day or two, please send chocolate.

May 4, 2014

Lost and Found

Shall we just start again? I want to make another go of this poor neglected blog. The last year has been a roller coaster ride of good times and bad, health/family/personal/financial highs and lows, and life lessons, but it goes on, and there will no doubt be more of the same, so I'm just going to let it all pass without much comment and start over tomorrow, with what is in front of me, and just try and make sense of that. That's quite enough, really, on anyone's plate.

love Heather x

To the question of your life, you are the only answer. To the problems of your life, you are the only solution. ~Jo Coudert

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